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Wifi Video Streaming Mars Runt Rover (inspection Bot)

By Michael Kirk |

This rover can be used for roaming the moon or mars providing you can get wifi coverage to those planets If you dont have a space shuttle to get this unit to space (or you find out Mars doesnt have WIFI). It's also good for your local house, hallways, yard and sidewalks! I found it to particularly be interesting to drive around at work in an office building as well!

This drone can be driven remotely from a computer via a live streaming WIFI webcam.
It has a range only limited by your wifi & RC coverage. (Mine is about 500 feet!)
The camera can see very well even in complete darkness due to infrared night vision technology
The camera unit has a very flexible remotely operated PAN - TILT function allowing you to look around or up.
The Runt Rover body will be driven by a RC Radio remote allowing for very precise steering and speed control.

    Once you get used to it, it feels like you are driving your own car. Very smooth precise steering.

It has an integrated "video capture" function, as well as a "snap photo" function.
There is also a stream audio function, and a two way communication process.
THE BATTERY is impressive! A single charge can last about a week of continuous operation! Great for hacking / spying or security operations!

This rover can also be used for an inspection bot to inspect hard to get to areas such as under your house or on a rooftop. It will also work as a security drone to watch areas of your home you can not see from where you are, or be deployed to watch your front driveway for the pizza delivery man.
What ever the mission, this unit is up for the challenge!


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