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7 Axis Physical Search Engine

By Jeremy Sasser |

This is a 7 axis crawler robot that has full telemetry and also a Pixy cameral installed. Telemetry sensors include: GPS, Temperature, Current and Power consumption and LiPo Cell monitoring. I used a FrySky Taranis remote with the DX8 receiver and I also use a Arduino Uno with several Shields. The drive train is powered by two HiTec 7955 extremely high torque servos. The battery is a Venom 14.8 V 5000 mah 50 C LiPo and will run this model for almost a full 24 hours. I used three different Voltage Regulators to get the voltage down to 6 volts and also to isolate the Arduino power and the Receiver. The Arduino is controlling the Pixy Camera which is on a 3 axis gimbal. The Pixy can be taught certain pictures of items like your keys, and the Arduino will signal the receiver to begin it's functions. I have successfully taught this robot several pictures of my keys and just left it alone all day while I went to work, when I returned home it had found my keys which I had hid under the bed.

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