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By Carlos Sicilia Til |

OpenCuriosity is an open source rover, based on the NASA Curiosity rover by Carlos Sicilia Til.

Following work I managed the following functions:

- Main processor Arduino MEGA

- Arm 5 DOF and toolholder with drill, laser pointer and ground temperature sensor.

- Head 2 DOF with 2W burning laser, infrared obstacle detection and video camera HD.

- Rocker-Bogie System, 6 drive wheels whit magnetic encoders and 4 steerable wheels. Full mobility


- Radio telemetry system.

- Pressure and temperature sensor.

- And possibility to incorporate variety of sensors according to needs.

- Aluminum and inox body.

All the people will be allowed to integrate their project in the robot, and the data gathered will be available on the internet in order to share this information with the general public for educational, science or other purposes.

Outside the lab... exploring the real world ...

Dare you???

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