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Spray Paint Shaker

By Jason Jaeger |

Have you ever wanted to be your very own paint can shaker maker?  Well now you can.  

I wanted to build a spray paint shaker (well... more of a rocker) which will gently oscillate a spray paint can agitating the paint inside. The goal was to give the ball inside just enough time to get from end-to-end. Of course the speed needed to hit that mark will vary with the amount and viscosity of paint so your mileage may vary.  Since it is made with Actobotics it is easy to modify. For example: if you wanted it to go faster, you could use a faster motor, aluminum beams instead of plastic and a couple of large o-rings to help hold the can in place.

It's comprised mostly of two channels joined by a dual bearin hub.  It utilizes an 80RPM gearmotor which pushes two plastic beams to oscillate the upper channel.  My favorite part of the project are the very powerful magnets that hold the can in place.  You would simply screw this to your workshop wall, plug it in and let it do its job.

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