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Capable Bot

By Michael Faris |

This is a multi-drive robotic platform that will be used for experimentation with teleoperation and automation. It will be powered by a 24v battery and run via Raspberry Pi. The setup will allow for R/C control as well as independent programmed use via the Pi and a sensor array. The bot will use a zero turn drive system with an omni wheel when possible.  When on uneven terrain, such as outdoors, or having difficulty moving over a soft surface or threshold, the omni wheel will rotate out of use and two additional wheels will rotate onto the ground, yielding a typical 4-wheel drive skid steer platform with suspension.

I used spare hobby and robotics parts and combined them with actobotics structural components.  I am a hobbiest with very limited time. ServoCity and actobotics parts have allowed for a quick and relativley robust build.

Will update once constructed and tested. Need more parts!


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