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Boom and Gripper Bot

By Jason Jaeger |

Robotic grippers have always been fun things to play with. Adding one to a robot is like having a remote control Tonka toy from my childhood. In the past, grippers where a major deal to build and construct, but with 3d printers, CNC cutters and a wide variety of premade gripper kits, it makes it very easy to add one to your project now.

I wanted to make a simple bot with a gripper I could easily control from a computer or a phone app. It had to be wireless, agile and easy for me to make and change to get weight balancing under control. For this bot I used some of my Actobotics parts for the build. They made making the bot easy and I could make changes as the build progressed.

This bot uses the Actobotics channel and brackets for the main chassis, 6" ABS drive wheels (though 5" wheels would work just as well) a 2.9" skate wheel for the rear castor and an ABS gripper kit from ServoCity.

For the electronics; An uno clone for function control, a RoboClaw for the drive motors and a Serial servo controller from Pololu. A complete list of parts can be found in the next step.

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