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Build a Modular Robot Chassis

By Scott Beasley |

From my early childhood I have loved robots. The first movie robots I remember ever really liking first, where the three bots from "Silent Running" (still one of my favorite movies!) Those goofy little walking boxes peaked my interest in robots and robot building. Over the years I have planed many bot builds, but only executed a few. I had one major problem, I am all thumbs when it comes to mechanics!

I have never had issues with coding or even building the computer or controller back when that was your only real option for a brain, no I just could not put a good chassis together or one I liked, that was really any good. Now, that did not stop me from building and trying, just not getting good results in mobility.

Enter the building block kits, and modular parts sellers. In this tutorial, I will go over the basic pieces you need from the Actobotics line of robot building parts to make a robust, modular and easy to assemble chassis. It will allow for many mounting options and will not cost you a arm or a leg. I will present the minimum of what you need to have a chassis that you will enjoy to work with and the can be added to and built upon.

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