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Bumbley - The Little Servo Robot

By Scott Beasley |

Meet Bumbley, a little lost bot from the planet Teekmar'd - a small world that orbits Wolf 359. Bumbley likes to find good hiding places and avoid human contact at all cost! He can only see in infrared, so needs your help. So please help him find a good hiding place!!! :-)

Bumbley is a servo driven bot, made of 2 Actobotics channels and 1 mounting hub. It has two continuous 360deg servos, two 4 inch wheels (@100mm), one rear uni-direction rear ball caster, an Arduino Uno clone with a V5 sensor shield and 2 infrared (IR) sensors for object detection. It's powered by two battery packs - one to power the Uno and the other to run the servos and sensors.

Little Bumbley is a very basic object avoidance rover that uses IR to find anything in it's path. The chassis itself, is made to be maneuverable, expandable and easy to assemble with a minimum amount of parts, but a good solid platform to build upon.

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