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Web Controlled Rover

By Scott Beasley |

Building and playing with robots is my main guilty pleasure in life. Others play golf or ski, but I build robots (since I can't play golf or ski :-). I find it relaxing and fun! To make most of my bots, I use chassis kits. Using kits helps me do what I like doing more, the software and electronics and also makes for a better chassis for my all-thumbs self.

In this Instructable, we will look in what it takes to make a simple but robust Wifi/web controlled rover. The chassis used is the Actobotics Gooseneck. I chose it for it's size, expand-ability and cost but you can use any other chassis of your own choosing.

For a project like this, we will need a good solid single board computer and for this bot I chose to use the Raspberry Pi (RPI) a Linux based computer. The RPI (and Linux) gives us lots of coding options and Python will be used for the coding side. For the web interface I use Flask, a lightweight web framework for Python.

To drive the motors, I chose a RoboClaw 2x5a. It allows for simple serial communication for commanding it and works well with the RPI and the motors on the Gooseneck.

Finally, it has a webcam for POV type video feedback for driving it remotely. 

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