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Time Lapse Channel Slider Upgrade

By Michael Mikkelson |

The Actobotics Channel Slider Kit is a great way to get motion for time lapse or video with a small camera such as a a GoPro. Since I do much more time lapse photography than video production, I wanted to upgrade this slider to give me more features, such as:

  • Gear Reduction to make the end-to-end movement much slower
  • Be able to mount to standard tripod for versatile mounting for horizontal movement
  • Add motion relay to reverse the direction of the trolley when it got to the end
  • Upgrade slider so that multiple cameras could be attached.

I built this a couple of years ago, but thought I'd add more pictures and some explanation of the steps I took to upgrade the channel slider from Actobotics. Personally, I use this with a GoPro on time lapse mode, or a Sony mirror-less NEX-5 camera for time lapse. Both work well. The assumption is that you already own, or will purchase the Actobotics Channel Slider, and then make modifications to the original design.

Other parts you'll need included:

  • 6-32 Socket Head Screws
  • Extra wire & quick release connectors
  • Zip ties & heat shrink
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