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By Greg Flurry |

This table or desktop clock is an "inside out" clock, where the gears that drive the hands are intentionally clearly visible rather than hidden inside a case or housing. I think it makes the clock much more interesting and quite attractive. I built the clock because it combines my lifelong fascination with clocks and my career experience in software and electronics engineering, and adds mechanical engineering, which is quite new to me.

The clock obviously has a mechanical movement, but it is driven by a stepper motor. The motor is controlled via an Ardunio acting through a sohpisticated stepper motor driver. The net result is a mechanical clock that is I feel aesthetically appealing, and that is as accurate as a typical quartz clock.

An important feature of the clock is that the hands are removable. The pictures show two different types of "standard" hands. However, it is also possible to use different materials, such as laser-cut pointers, arrows, or whatever.

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