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Personal Space Defense System

By Aleator777 DJ |

If you're tired of people invading your personal space, popping your bubble, or otherwise gettin' up in your business, why not send them a message by blasting them away with a water gun? Manually targeting people with your soaker of choice can be a chore, and if there is a deluge of personal space invaders intent upon approaching you, you'll need an automated solution! You need the Personal Space Defense System, because nothing says stay away from me like an over-sized, electro-mechanical backpack with a shoulder-mounted, self-firing water gun.

I tried my best to make this a relatively comfortable experience for the wearer. The backpack straps need to be quite tight for the pack to rest properly and the gun mounted, but overall it came out how I imagined. This pack is certainly, well overdone, but quite effective! Originally I wanted to create a dual gun setup, but decided a single gun would be a good starting point.

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