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RoboClaw 2x60A Controller Mount

  • side view
  • shown attached to aluminum channel
  • mounts available for various controllers
  • shown attached to RoboClaw 2x60A (605094)
  • shown attached to RoboClaw 2x60A (605094)
  • back view shown attached to RoboClaw 2x60A (605094)
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This mount is designed for use with the Roboclaw 2x60A controller series motor controller.  The mount simply snaps onto the board, no tools required. The mount incorporates the Actobotics 0.770” and 1.50” hub pattern to make it easy to attach the board to nearly any Actobotics component, specifically, our aluminum channel. Each mount includes (4) nylon spacers and (1) ABS mounting plate.

Material ABS
Compatible Electronic Components RoboClaw 2x60A

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