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S3114 Servo

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This is the Futaba S3114 Micro High Torque Servo. Ideal for electric planes and small electric helis.

Dimensions .86" x 0.43"x .78" (21.8 x 11 x 19.8mm)
Product Weight .27oz. (7.8g)
Output Shaft Style 15 Tooth (1F) Spline
Voltage Range 4.8-6.0V
No-Load Speed (4.8V) 0.10sec/60°
No-Load Speed (6.0V) 0.09sec/60°
Stall Torque (4.8V) 20.8 oz/in. (
Stall Torque (6.0V) 23.5 oz/in. (
Pulse Amplitude 3-5V
Operating Temperature -20 to +60°C
Continuous Rotation Modifiable No
Direction w/ Increasing PWM Signal Counter-Clockwise
Motor Type 3 Pole Ferrite
Potentiometer Drive Indirect Drive
Output Shaft Support Plastic case serves as bearing
Gear Type Straight Cut Spear
Gear Material Nylon
Wire Length 12"
  • Do not use S3114 servos with gas or high power engine models, large gliders, or other models that require high torque
  • Using supply voltage higher than 6V or applying high load to servo will shorten the life
  • Alway use the servo horn specially designed for this servo. Do not use conventional servo horns
  • Excessive force or shock to the servo horn may damage the ultra mini precision gears inside the servo

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