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Bottom Flange Gearboxes

    For Standard Size Servos:
    This category contains several digital servo gearbox options that range from budget friendly up to the flagship model brushless, titanium gear, ultra torque setup.  The smallest of the three offerings and yet contains the highest torque option available in a servo gearbox!

    For HS-785HB Servo:
    Designed specifically for the HS-785HB multi-turn servo.  The easy to assemble gearbox increases torque and precision of this popular analog servo.  No servo modification required, just bolt in and go!

    For Large Size Servos:
    The largest of the offerings - designed around the popular Hitec 805 analog servo (HS-805BB, HS-805MG).  The large size servo is robust, high torque and resiliant to abuse - great for demanding applications.  

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