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SPTD485HW Tilt System

  • the stainless steel shaft is supported by high quality ball bearings and the servo feedback is handled by a military grade potentiometer
  • can tilt forward 90° from top center
  • can tilt back 45° from top center
  • our aluminum clamping and set screw hubs bolt directly to the bottom of the Tilt system. This allows them to be attached to our gears, sprockets, shafts or other items
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$94.98 - $124.98
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SPTD485HW Tilt System
SPTD485HW Tilt System
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$94.98 - $124.98
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The SPTD485 is the perfect camera or sensor tilt. Manufactured from extremely strong ABS plastic and aluminum enables this mount to handle all types of applications. Precise feedback is provided by the military grade, stainless steel potentiometer supplied. The main shaft is 1/4” stainless steel and is supported by an ABEC-5 ball bearing.  The 32 pitch gears are made from 7075-T6 aluminum (spur) and H59 hardened brass (pinion) and are offered in ratios from 2:1 to 7:1. The SPTD485 is designed so that the power from the servo is transferred directly to the spur gear which is bolted to the attachment hub; no power is transferred through the shaft and therefore no slippage can occur. Mounting various cameras or custom attachments is simple with the 1/4” holes in the top plate. Gear ratios can be easily changed to vary the power and speed. The base of SPTD485 tilt system has the .770” hub pattern which will mate up to any of our pan systems that utilize this same pattern. Build your own custom SPTD485 by choosing the ratio you need, assembled or in kit form. Patented

*We highly recommend purchasing this unit assembled by our factory. If you are not accustomed to using a soldering iron or handling delicate parts, please order this product assembled ready to plug into your receiver or servo controller. It is money well spent.

Assembled – Fully assembled and ready to plug into a servo controller.
Unassembled – Kit form with the required hardware, plates and unmodified servo. Entails soldering and manipulating small parts inside the servo and fastening frame together with included hardware. (assembly instructions included)


The tilt system can mount directly on top of our Servo Gearboxes (Pan). The schematic to the left shows the unit mounted on an SPG400. The overall size is very compact and can be extremely powerful when used with powerful servos. It can also be mounted upside down in an aircraft fuselage for an aerial camera platform.

The top mounting plate offers (3) three .25” diameter mouting holes to easily attach cameras or sensors.

Dimensions 4.55" x 2.25" x 3.23"
Product Weight 8.65 oz.
Maximum Payload 2 lb
Servo Included D485HW

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