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Tapped Wheel Mount for 595666

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This wheel adaptor is intended to be used with our 5 spoke pneumatic tire/wheel.  This piece is machined to perfectly mate with the interior shape of the molded wheel so that the adaptor and the wheel will turn as one. The adaptor has the large 1.5" hub pattern with 1/4" thru-holes machined into the face so that our 1" HD clamping hub can be attached using 1/4-20 low profile socket head screws.  By installing a clamping hub onto the adaptor, the wheel assembly can be secured onto a 1" shaft.  This style adaptor is commonly used in conjunction with an axle that is mounted in bearings so that the axle and wheel can rotate in unison.  



Product Weight 5.10 oz
Material aluminum with ABS washer
Hole Pattern 1.50"

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