1/4" Bore, Face Thru-Hole Pillow Block


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This ¼" pillow block allows a bearing to be mounted to the Actobotics® 1.5" pattern.  While it’s common to use a ¼" flanged bearing in the ½" hole of the Actobotics pattern, this part provides a bit of flexibility not otherwise achievable.  The pressed-in bearing is held from moving axially so you don’t have to have a collar or nearby component to keep it from moving. Furthermore, in extremely high precision use cases it’s preferred to have the bearing hard-mounted to take out any potential slack associated with using the slip-fit alternative.


Material Aluminum
Weight 0.24 oz (6.7g)
Static Load 84 lbs
Max RPM 50,000
Bearing ID 0.250"
Dynamic Load 186 lbs

Currently Sold Out