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8mm Lead Screws

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Our 8mm lead screws offer an excellent way to turn rotational motion into linear motion.  The 2mm pitch offers a good trade-off between torque required to drive the screw and linear speed created.  Each rotation of the lead screw will drive the mating nut precisely 8mm.  The OD of our lead-screws is just under 8mm to ensure proper fitment in an 8mm ID bearing or clamp.  These screws are commonly used in 3D printers, CNC routers, lift mechanisms and automation projects.  

8mm Lead Screws
3501-0804-035013.8" (350mm)3.70oz (104g)
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3501-0804-065025.6" (650mm) 6.91oz (196g)
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3501-0804-095037.4" (950mm)10.22oz (291g)
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3501-0804-125049.2" (1250mm)13.48oz (382g)
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3501-0804-030011.8" (300mm)3.20oz (91g)
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Material Stainless Steel
Lead Pitch 2mm
Number of Starts 4
Outside Diameter 8mm

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