Hub-Mount Push Arms

Control arms come in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet the exact needs of your project. ABS plastic arms provide good rigidity while still being resilient to shock loads in demanding applications. They can be drilled, cut, and modified with relative ease. Meanwhile, aluminum arms offer outstanding strength—often alongside other features, such as counterbores and threaded holes, that are exclusive to an aluminum construction.


These arms mount to a hub at one end and provide an arm that protrudes in a single direction. The series of holes allow you to choose the arm length you need to get the travel and thrust you want from an attached linkage.


Sometimes two arms are better than one! Whether you need a push-pull linkage assembly or a bell crank, these dual push arms have the right stuff to double your possibilities.

Discs (14mm Center Hole)

Hub-Mount Discs have the build system pattern right in the middle. Use them as a simple structural base, a turntable, or a wheel—or, fasten linkages to the holes at the outer edge.

Discs (32mm Center Hole)

These 32mm bore Hub-Mount Discs integrate well with parts on the larger 32mm pattern found throughout goBILDA®. The larger bore allows tubes and components to pass through the center hole.

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