Linear Motion Kits

Actuator Kits

Viper-Slide Kits

Multi-stage Viper-Slide Kits provide extension and retraction functionality across different lengths and stage counts. Their timing belt drive boasts a simple setup, along with smooth, consistent motion from one cycle to the next.

Cable-to-Belt Upgrade Packs

If you have a Cable-Driven 2-Stage Viper Slide Kit (SKU: 3210-0002-0002) or a Cable-Driven 4-Stage Viper Slide Kit (SKU: 3210-0002-0004) (both previously offered on this page), these upgrade packs bring new life to your old kit. Upgrading to a belt rejuvenates your kit with greater simplicity, consistency and reliability.

Servo-Driven Gear Rack Kits

Servo-Driven Gear Rack Kits facilitate linear motion using a servo. Both of our Single and Dual Rack families include three different options for speed and thrust specs, each differing according to which 5-Turn Dual Mode goBILDA® servo drives the kit.

Single Gear Rack

Single Gear Rack Kits offer a servo-driven way to move something back-and-forth linearly.

Dual Gear Rack

Dual Gear Rack Kits live up to their name by allowing you to move attached components simultaneously in equal but opposing linear directions while using only a single channel of your R/C receiver.

Guide Wheel & Dolly Kits

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