3 Function Joystick (Spring Disk)

This 3 function joystick has 3 potentiometers, each with a 5K resistance.  The X and Y are centered with a single spring hidden under the dust cover.  This single spring makes moving through the range smoother compared to a conventional joystick with a spring for each axis.  The third potentiometer is controlled with a twisting motion of the top.  It has its own return spring.  When the stick is released, each pot will have a resistance reading of 2.5K

3 & 4 Function Wiring Key


Connector Solder Tabs
Operating Temperature -10° to 80° C
Weight 0.25 lbs
Tolerence +/-20%
Linearity +/-1%
Resistance 5K
Temperature Coefficient Resistance +/-400 ppm/ C°
X/Y Axis Electricity Corner +/-25°
Z Axis Electricity Corner +/-45°
Insulation Resistance 50M @ 500VDC 60 sec.
Restoration Error Rate +/- 0.06K
Prolepsis Mechanical Life-cycle 500,000 cycles

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