Standard Plain Shaft ServoBlock™ (25T Spline)

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DISCONTINUED This product has been discontinued.


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ServoBlocks increase a servo’s load-bearing capabilities by helping to isolate the lateral load from the servo spline and case. The extreme versatility of ServoBlocks allow users to create complex, extremely rigid, structures with ease using standard size servos. Using a clamping hub (not included) on the ½” aluminum servo shaft provides an easy way to attach other components to the ServoBlock.  Using a clamping hub with the plain shaft provides a simple way to index your assembly at any time without taking anything apart. The robust aluminum framework acts as a servo exoskeleton, greatly enhancing the mechanical loads the servo can withstand.  Our 0.770” hub pattern is repeated throughout the framework to allow endless attachment options.  Compatible with standard size servos with a H25T spline. Kit comes unassembled, servo not included. Patented.


Weight 1.3 oz (no servo)
Servo Spline Compatibility 25 tooth (H25T Spline) spline
IP Patented

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