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5mm Diameter Latex Surgical Tubing

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The durability and elasticity of latex surgical tubing makes it an extremely versatile material for robot builders.  Common uses include stretching it to assist a motor or servo that has a heavy load applied, stretching it over a battery or component for a tie-down mechanism, attaching segments to a spindle to create a collection device, and fastening to an articulating joint to create progressive suspension.  It's easily cut to length with scissors but is very resistant to chafing or tearing during use.  The tubing is 5mm (0.2") in diameter but is able to fit through a 0.14" hole in any Actobotics component by cutting the tubing at an angle.

5mm Diameter Latex Surgical Tubing
2907-0305-00022 m (6.5 ft)
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2907-0001-001010 m (32.8 ft)
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