637176 Assortment Pack

SKU: Build System: Actobotics

DISCONTINUED This product has been discontinued.


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With over 600 individual components included in this kit, we’ve put together a wide selection of parts from 32 pitch hub gears, to mini channel, to stainless tubing and shafting - it’s truly a smorgasbord of parts!  Our team has designed this kit to be a perfect add-on to our #637174 assortment pack. While the #637174 kit gives you a taste of the various parts, this kit “fills in the gaps”. All the remaining mini channel, aluminum beams, gears, brackets, etc. are included so that the options are limitless. We’ve included Actobotics tubing in 3/8”, ½”, 5/8” and 1” OD numerous lengths are included. To go along with the tubing we’ve included various tube clamps, bearing mounts, hubs and spacers to match the tubing sizes. Though there are a few key parts that can be found in both kits, nearly all of the components are different...making these kits awesomely compatible with one-another! We know many teams work on designing the robot in a 3D modeling program, so we’ve put together a single .zip file with nearly all of the STEP files for the components in this kit - simply download the STEP file library below. For your convenience, we also accept school purchase orders from approved applicants.

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