Farewell to Actobotics

Posted by ServoCity on May 31st 2023

Though today ServoCity basks beneath a goBILDA® sky, we've been proud the past ten years to offer the designers’ prior build system: Actobotics. Ever since the sun rose on its release in 2013, Actobotics has helped us deliver on our slogan “We have the parts for your ideas!” like never before.

Our fulfillment of that promise remains true as we bid farewell to Actobotics. As of June 2023, its designers are moving toward a full-throttle focus on goBILDA® so that makers and dreamers around the world can turn their ideas into reality.

Actobotics launched from the starting line with enormous possibilities. It gained followings not only in engineering and education, but also special effects, kinetic arts, rapid prototyping, animatronics, DIY projects, and more. It has been used by engineers in household-name companies and behind the scenes of some of Hollywood's biggest franchises.

Continued innovation led to the birth of the goBILDA® build system, which uses everything the makers of Actobotics learned over the years. The team went back to the drawing board to rewrite the build-system playbook with the grid-based metric pattern that gives goBILDA® more potential than Actobotics.

It’s a bittersweet farewell as the sun sets on Actobotics. At the same time, we celebrate how Actobotics passes the baton of innovation to the higher-reaching goBILDA® build system, which will help current users, and newcomers, rise to the same heights—and beyond!—for many, many years to come!

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