Compression Spring (6mm ID x 8mm OD, 1.1kg Max Load, 4-25mm Length) - 2 Pack

$3.99 / 2 Pack

This compression spring is able to slip over a 6mm shaft in order to apply tension between two parts riding on the same shaft.  Alternatively, it can be inserted into an 8mm hole to apply a force to a shaft, rod, tube or dowel directly above it.  Compression springs can be used to suppress abrupt forces, apply forces in the opposite direction or store energy such as in a trigger or latch assembly.  Notice that the spring has a resting length, length at rated load and a length at full compression.  The resting length is the length at zero load.  The length at rated load is the length of the spring with the maximum amount of load the spring is recommended for, applied to it.  The full compression length is measured if you were to load the spring to the point where the coils laid directly on top of one-another.  We’ve found that this compression spring is able to be used in applications that push the spring to the full compression length time and time again without any memory or loss of spring tension.  


Weight 0.29g Each
Material Steel
Finish Zinc-Plated

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