Dual Ball Bearing Hub

SKU: Build System: Actobotics

If one bearing is good, two are great!  The dual ball bearing hub can fasten to a nearby surface using the threaded holes or the thru-holes, leaving a pair of bearings that will provide excellent radial support to a ¼” round or ¼” d-shaft.  This hub uses 6-32 socket head machine screws ( sold separately)

Tech Tips:

When designing a mechanism that involves a rotating shaft, our Dual Ball Bearing Hub can be a very useful part. Since the hub has two bearings (one pressed into each side of the aluminum housing) it eliminates the need to mount two bearings separately. By simply bolting this hub to your structure, the bearings are sure to be in-line with one-another and they can handle a cantilever load on the shaft. The Dual Ball Bearing Hub has both tapped and thru-holes to increase its mounting options. The thru-holes have counter-bored holes to allow socket head screws to set below the surface and out of the way of moving parts.



Bore 0.250"
Material Aluminum
Weight 0.39 oz (11g)

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