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6-32 Zinc-Plated Socket Head Machine Screws (25 pack)

Sold in packs of 25.
Sold in packs of 25.
  • Sold in packs of 25.
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6-32 Zinc-Plated Socket Head Machine Screws

Our Socket Head Machine Screws are the strongest screws we offer.  You'll get better rust resistance from zinc-plated screws than you will from screws with a standard black-oxide coating. Screws are made from an alloy steel that's comparable to Grade 8 steel and conforms to ASTM A574.  Sold in packs of 25.

6-32 Zinc-Plated Socket Head Machine Screws (25 pack)
6321040.1875" (3/16")
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6321060.250" (1/4")
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6321080.3125" (5/16")
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6321100.375" (3/8")
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6321120.4375" (7/16")
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6321140.500" (1/2")
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6321160.5625" (9/16")
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6321180.625" (5/8")
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6321200.750" (3/4")
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6321220.875" (7/8")
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6321261.125" (1-1/8")
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6321281.250" (1-1/4")
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6321301.375" (1-3/8")
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6321321.5" (1-1/2")
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Material alloy steel
Finish zinc-plated
Head Style socket
Head Diameter 0.22"
Thread Size 6-32
Thread Type full thread
Drive Style 7/64” Hex Key


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zip632120 STEP(119.57 KB )Download
zip632122 STEP(137.09 KB )Download
zip632124 STEP(153.94 KB )Download
zip632126 STEP(173.05 KB )Download
zip632128 STEP(192.6 KB )Download
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