Micro PWM Switch


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You can now turn a device on and off from a regular R/C channel or servo controller. These are lighter, faster and more reliable than using a servo and linking it to a microswitch. A DIP switch block provides four threshold positions to set the device trip point and an LED indicates the status of the link: unpowered, powered but no signal, valid signal but not active and activated. Microprocessor controlled and digitally filtered, the D-switch also employs fault detection to safely switch off the load if the receiver signal is lost, making it a true failsafe. The unit is powered entirely by the receiver, drawing only 13 ma. The switched load is electrically isolated from the R/C circuit, allowing two completely separate gounds to run without coupling noise between them. Complete instruction manual is included. Diode is included.

Supply Voltage: 3.8-5.5 VDC
Supply Current: 20ma
Switching Time: 5.0 milliseconds
Switch Resistance: .012 ohms
Dimensions: 0.6”x1.6”x2.0” (15mm x 41mm x 51mm)

RCE200H Schematic for motor


Weight 0.25oz
Poles Yes
Throws Yes
Max Voltage 60V
Throw Persistence Momentary
Switch Style PWM

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