terraGROUSER (16mm Height) - 6 Pack

SKU: Build System: goBILDA

terraGROUSERs are 16mm protrusions you can fasten to the top of Grid-Tracks to increase traction on loose terrain.

Grousers spaced far apart enable their track to engage with larger rocks and debris, while tighter-spaced grousers provide excellent traction on looser surfaces like snow, sand, and silt. And regardless of configuration, their installation is easy and robust thanks to hex counterbores that hold hex nuts when you're fastening screws from either top or bottom!

This 6-Pack includes 6 grousers to give your Grid-Tracks great grip!



Weight 22g per grouser with hardware
Material Acetal Plastic
Included Hardware - Screws 12mm Length M4 Screws (18 screws)
Included Hardware - Nuts M4 x 0.7mm Nylock Nut (18 nuts)

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