Element-6 Radio Control System (Mode 2)

SKU: Build System: goBILDA

The goBILDA Element 6 Radio Control System has 6 channels to control your project from afar.  Channels 1-4 provide proportional control from the gimbals (joysticks). Built-in channel mixing and reversing allows you to easily configure this radio system to control a robot chassis to your liking.   The fifth channel is a switch to send three pre-established signals which can be used to control lights, switches, relays or a servo that you want to send to three specific positions. Channel 6 is a proportional knob, useful to dial-in and stay at a particular brightness, speed, or position.

This radio system operates at 2.4GHz, and the transmitter is setup as “Mode 2”. The mode refers to the physical setup of the gimbals. In Mode 2, the left gimbal’s Y (vertical) axis stays where you set it, while the right gimbal’s Y axis returns to center when released.

Element Receiver

The included Element Receiver is available individually. It’s also the same receiver used in the four-channel Pistol Grip Element-4 Radio Control System, which offers fewer channels but greater steering control.

Regardless of your transmitter’s style or channel count, the Element Receiver’s M.BUS output is available for usage. The M.BUS output is functionally the same as an S.BUS output.


  • Transmitter (requires four AA batteries - not included)

  • Receiver

  • Battery Tray (for four AA batteries - not included)

  • TJC8 Power Slide Switch


Radio Wave Power ≤ 70mW
Radio Frequency 2.4GHz
Range Up to 800 Meters (2625 Feet) with direct line of sight.
Receiver Input Voltage 6V nominal (3.5-7.4V)
Receiver Channels 7 PWM channels, 1 M.Bus Port

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