Element Receiver

SKU: Build System: goBILDA

The Element Receiver is designed for use in the Element-4 (Pistol Grip) and Element-6 (Gimbals) Radio Control Systems. It is compact and has an internal antenna to keep your project clean. Use it to control servos, motor controllers, or send signals to an Arduino.

Thanks to thru-holes on the goBILDA® 32mm square pattern, you can mount the Receiver directly to goBILDA® structure via M4 screws and locknuts. The square pattern allows the Receiver to be stacked on top of certain other chassis-essential electronics, such as the 1x15A Motor Controller (SKU: 3105-0101-0015).

Regardless of your transmitter’s style or channel count, the Element Receiver’s M.BUS output is available for usage. The M.BUS output is functionally the same as an S.BUS output.



Weight 12g
Input Voltage 6V nominal (3.5-7.4V)

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