Thru-Hole Tetrix to Threaded goBILDA® Pattern Adaptor (16-11)

SKU: Build System: goBILDA

The thru-holes of this adaptor align with the 16mm pattern of the Tetrix build system. The 6-32 screws or 6-32 locknuts from your Tetrix toolbox fit nicely in the counterbores, leaving the top surface clean and clear for the fastening of your next component.

And because this is a Tetrix-to-goBILDA® adaptor, that next component can be a goBILDA® one! The M4 threaded holes match the 16mm square pattern found throughout goBILDA®.

The 8mm center hole–which is smaller than is standard in goBILDA®–matches the center hole used in the Tetrix build system. In this case, it also allows the most popular sizes of shafting (such as 8mm REX™) to pass through the adaptor.



Weight 12g
Material Aluminum
Finish Clear Anodized

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