Steel Viper-Slide (10-Ball Carriage, 240mm Length, 174mm Travel)

SKU: Build System: goBILDA

These 240mm Length goBILDA® Viper-Slides are smooth and strong solutions for your linear motion needs. In contrast to 336mm Viper-Slides with 244mm of travel, these variants offer 174mm of travel—which can be in either direction!

Viper-Slides excel in lifting and reaching mechanisms. Their steel construction allows one slide to bear a load that would typically call for two aluminum slides. Steel slides also don’t wear over time the way aluminum slides do.

The 4mm thru holes, 4mm slots, and clearance holes make it extremely easy to fasten these slides to one another and to your build using M4 hardware.

Viper-Slide Accessories

Belt-Drive Components

Cable-Drive Components





Weight 170g
Material Steel
Finish Zinc-Plated

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