0.1" Drop-Center Bearing Plate (4 pack)

$6.99 / 4 Pack

Drop-center bearing plates fasten to your chassis, on the 1.5” pattern, providing a 0.1” offset of the ½” hole. These plates are extremely handy for 6 wheel chassis builds where you want the center wheels to have more of the overall load than the front and/or back. Unloading wheels located on the corners of your skid-steer chassis will provide much quicker turning and drive like a chassis with a much shorter wheelbase. Given the 0.157” (4mm) plate thickness, the 535198 ¼” flanged bearing will slide in and the flange will bottom out before the backside of the bearing makes contact with the channel that the plate is mounted to.



Color Black
Material Plastic
Weight 0.16 oz (4.6g) each

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