12V Super-Duty Linear Actuator (560lb Thrust, 2.6"/sec, 12" Stroke)

Super Duty Actuator Schematics 2

X = Center to Center







5-1 gear ratio (SDA) tableSuper Duty Actuator wire schematic1

Actuator Potentiometer Schematic2

Feedback Wiring Schematic:

White - 10K Pot Reference
Blue - 10K Pot Wiper (Position Signal) 
Yellow - 10K Pot Reference

To get your actuator up and running, apply 6-12VDC to the positive (red) and negative (black) wires. You do not need to do anything with the potentiometer wires (Blue, Yellow, White). The potentiometer wires are only needed if you are building a system which requires you to know the exact position of the actuator piston.

-Sealed O-ring
-Durable design for even the toughest industrial applications
-Clutch overload protection
-CE Certified (CD55011)

Tech Tips:

Note: These systems are extremely powerful and caution must be used during operation.


Stroke 12"
Operating Temperature -25°C ~ +65°C
Motor Type 3 Pole Ferrite
Feedback Style 10KΩ Potentiometer
Gear Material Metal Gear Train
Wire Length 12"
Weight 186.7 oz
Voltage Range (Recommended) 6V - 12V
Speed (No Load)* 2.63” per second
Gearbox Style Straight Cut Spur
Gear Ratio 5:1
Speed (Max Load)* 1.85” per second
Dynamic Thrust* 560 lbs
Static Load 3,050 lbs
Current Drain (No-Load)* 3A
Potentiometer Tolerance ± 5%
Feedback Density 0.83KΩ / inch
IP Rating IP54
Duty Cycle 25% (25% on, 75% off)
Lead Screw Type Ball Screw
Lead Screw Material Steel
Potentiometer Linearity ± 0.25%
Previous SKU SDA12-263

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