1206 Series Pattern Adaptor (16-5) - 2 Pack

SKU: Build System: goBILDA

This pattern adaptor is compatible with many of the major players when it comes to wheels for competition robots.  The adaptor has the 16mm goBILDA pattern in the center so that you can fasten a hub or component to the center to drive the wheel of your choice.  The goBILDA pattern has been counterbored to maintain a flat face for the wheel to rest against. Each tab on the adaptor possesses three different holes, each of a slightly different diameter and pattern diameter in order to accommodate the known compatible wheels listed below:

Compatible Andymark Wheels:

  • 4" Stealth Wheels
  • HiGrip Wheels
  • SmoothGrip Wheels
  • 6 in. Rubber Treaded Wheel
  • 8 in. Rubber Treaded Wheel
  • 4 in. HD Mecanum Wheel
  • 6 in. SR Mecanum Wheel
  • Performance Wheels
  • Pneumatic Wheels
  • Plaction Wheels

Compatible Nexus Wheels:

  • 4" Aluminum Mecanum Wheels
  • 5" Aluminum Mecanum Wheels
  • 6" Aluminum Mecanum Wheels
  • 8" Aluminum Mecanum Wheels
  • 10" Aluminum Mecanum Wheels
  • 4" Double Plastic Omni Wheel
  • 4" Double Aluminum Omni Wheel

Compatible VEX Wheels:

  • Mecanum Wheels
  • Versa Wheels
  • Traction Wheels
  • Omni Wheels

Compatible Tetrix Wheels:

  • Tetrix Max Mecanum Wheels



Weight 17g Each
Material Aluminum
Finish Clear Anodized

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