12V, 2.5A Power Supply


Tech Tips:

When using a power supply in place of a battery, make sure that the amperage is equal to or greater than the amp draw of the item you intend to power. If the amp rating of the power supply is lower than the item it is powering the performance will be diminished. For example, if you power a 12V motor with 400oz-in of torque and an amp draw of 5A with a 12V, 2.5A power supply, the motor will not be able to exert the full 400 oz-in of torque since it requires more than 2.5A to do so. It is okay, however, to have a power supply that is rated for more amps than what the item you intend to power will draw. This will not harm it in any way since electronic devices only pull the necessary amps from the power source. Some power supplies will also vary between their rated voltage and true voltage output. Before plugging a power supply in, it is always a good idea to check the true voltage output so that you do not accidentally damage the components that you wish to power.


Output Voltage 12 VDC Regulated
Weight 0.53 lbs
Input Voltage Range 100-240Vac
Input Connector Type USN
Output Connector Style 2.5mm ID x 5.5mm OD Plug
Power Rating 30 Watts
Frequency 50/60Hz

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