1526 Series 32mm OD Plastic Pattern Spacer (10mm Length) - 2 Pack

SKU: Build System: goBILDA
$3.99 / 2 Pack

This Plastic Pattern Spacer has an overall length of 10mm, the same as the thickness of two 1611 Series Flanged Bearings, so that a bearing can be inserted into each side and meet in the middle. For this reason you can tighten the assembly down with a bolt passing through the bearing bores without causing axial pressure to be applied to the inner races, leaving you with an extremely smooth and solid rotating Pattern Spacer. The spacer then has holes on the 16mm pattern so you can fasten a sprocket, gear or wheel to. The 4mm diameter holes have built-in nut-captures, while the 3.3mm diameter holes are to be used with M4 thread forming screws.


Weight 6.4g Each
Material Fiber-Reinforced Acetal

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