1611 Series Flanged Ball Bearing (1/4" ID x 14mm OD, 5mm Thickness) - 2 Pack

$3.99 / 2 Pack

This ¼” ID bearing integrates a go-to imperial diameter (¼”) into the metric world of goBILDA®! Its 14mm OD is a perfect fit in nearly any goBILDA® structural component. Meanwhile, its 15mm diameter flange restricts the bearing axially, while still providing clearance for nearby screws on the 16mm pattern.

Whether you’re using this bearing to support a NEMA 23 stepper motor’s shaft (typically ¼” diameter), mixing your old Actobotics war-chest with your new goBILDA® treasure-trove, or holding fast to the imperial system empire, this bearing brings vital possibilities to your hybrid build!

Tech Tip

If the outside diameter of a nearby component is large enough to come in contact with the outer race of a bearing, a spacer or shim should be installed between the component and the bearing. This will allow the bearing to rotate freely.



Weight 3.2g Each
Material High-Carbon Steel

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