180° Servo Stretcher


DISCONTINUED This product has been discontinued.


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The Servo Stretcher has been discontinued. It has been replaced by the Servo Travel Tuner.

Servos have a limit to the amount of rotation they can achieve. To reach that limit, the right signal range needs to be sent from the servo controller. Unless you’re using a microcontroller or servo controller that can satisfy that range (we list each servo’s range as Max PWM Signal Range ), it’s likely that you can get more travel out of your servo by simply adding a Servo Stretcher between the controller and the servo.

The servo stretcher essentially multiplies the input signal in order to give you a wider signal range, and hence, more travel out of your servo. This device is especially useful when using analog servos, as they are typically capable of just beyond 180 degrees without any other adjustments or modifications.

The connectors are universal style servo connectors that are able to work with the vast majority of servos on the market. Just plug one end into the servo, and the other into your servo controller. The three trim pots on the front of the Servo Stretcher allow independent adjustments of the left endpoint, center position and right endpoint. Just set it and forget it!


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