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2 Function Joystick (Thick Stick)

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The R-204 joystick is perfect for 2 position applications. It offers 50° of total tilt on both the X and Y axis. Each axis is coupled with 5K potentiometers. Both potentiometers have individual neutral adjustments. Internal springs center the joystick back to neutral (center). This joystick has the same specifications as the R200MB2, but the diameter of the stick is slightly thicker measuring 0.473” (12mm).


R200 SchematicsJoystick Install Hole Schematics

Product Weight 0.2 lbs
Tolerence +/-20%
Linearity +/-1%
Resistance 5K
Operating Temperature -10° to 80° C
Temperature Coefficient Resistance +/-400 ppm/ C°
Output Smoothness 0.5% Maximum
X/Y Axis Electricity Corner +/-25°
Insulation Resistance 50M @ 500VDC 60 sec.
Restoration Error Rate +/- 0.03K
Operate Torque 90gf (X), 250gf (Y)
Connector Type Solder Tabs

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