2 Servo Joystick


Currently Sold Out

The 2 Servo Precision Joystick can control up to 2 servos proportionally. Simply plug in a 4.8 - 6.0 volt battery or power supply and connect the servos to control them via joystick. The front panel can be opened for access to the control pins which can be switched with one another or reversed to fit your application. The case is machined from durable 1/4” ABS plastic. The joystick can easily be mounted to a flat surface using the mounting holes at the top and bottom. Includes operation manual. If you require more (or less) rotation from your servo, please check out the Servo Travel Tuner. Servos, battery and/or power supply sold separately.

If you are not using a power supply, you can easily use a standard 4.8-6.0V receiver style battery pack. To do this, you can purchase a Y-harness or if you are using a standard battery we offer DC power plugs.


Weight 9.0 oz.
Number of Channels 2
Input Voltage Range 4.8V - 6.0V

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