20V Li-ion Battery Charger (DEWALT® 20V MAX Compatible)

SKU: Build System: goBILDA

This 20V Li-ion Battery Charger allows you to charge any battery that has the familiar DEWALT® 20V MAX form factor. It's a perfect fit for the 20V, 6Ah Li-ion Battery with LCD Capacity Meter!

Its LED indicator displays your battery’s status between charging and charged, and will also let you know if the battery is too hot or too cold to be charged safely.

This charger is equipped with protections against overheating and short-circuiting. It can also detect—and protect itself against—damaged batteries.

⚠️Li-ion Battery Safety Notice:Lithium ion batteries can be dangerous. Please read these safety instructions for Li-ion batteries.

Start Your 20V Journey!

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Charging Current 2A
Battery Compatibility Batteries w/ DEWALT® 20V MAX form factor
Input Voltage Range 100 - 240VAC

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