2307 Series Steel, MOD 1.5, Hub Mount Bevel Gear (14mm Bore, 28 Tooth)

SKU: Build System: goBILDA

The gear teeth of this hub mount bevel gear are cut specifically to mate with the 14 tooth Pinion Bevel Gear. The 14mm bore and standard 16mm hub pattern allows you to mount this to a hub with the bore of your choice.  Sonic Hubs provide the most versatility as they can be mounted on the backside of the gear, but if you’re using 12mm REX shaft you’ll want to use a hyper hub on the front side of the gear.



Weight 23g
Material Steel
Finish Zinc-Plated
Tooth Count 28
Gear Pitch MOD 1.5
Pressure Angle 20 Degree

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