2mm Pitch GT2 Timing Belt Clamp (3-1) - 2 Pack


DISCONTINUED This product has been discontinued.

$4.99 / 2 Pack

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This 2mm Pitch GT2 Timing Belt Clamp allows you to attach one end of a cut-to-length belt to the carriage of a linear motion assembly. With both ends of the belt looped around an attachment point on each side of the carriage, a motor-driven pulley can drive the belt to pull the carriage in either direction along its track.

This clamp meshes a 2mm GT2 timing belt to itself to create and keep a tight endpoint loop. Its pinch bolt ensures your belt will stay where you put it, and its eyelet offers an optional, but precise, point of extra attachment. And because this clamp meshes a belt’s teeth together, it enables you to easily and accurately adjust your belt’s length in increments of 1mm to get exactly the tension you need!



Weight 3.5g Each (with hardware)
Material Polycarbonate

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