2x80A Motor Controller

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This beast of a motor controller is ready to proportionally control the speed & direction of your brushed DC motors!

Each of the two channels can handle 80A continuously and up to 200A peak! The slim footprint allows you to nestle it down inside of your project. The aluminum base contains M4 threaded holes that align with the 8mm grid pattern so that it can easily be fastened to other goBILDA components.

Power Input:
Supply anywhere between 7 - 30V to the XT90 connector to power your motors.

Signal Input:
Plug an RC receiver, Arduino, or any source of a standard PWM signal into the Channel A and/or Channel B ports. The beefy BEC will supply 6V and up to 8A out to the device generating the PWM signal via the + pins so that you can drive servos and other devices from additional channels on your servo controller.

Each channel of the motor controller can handle up to 80A. You can plug in as many motors to each of the two channels as you would like so long as you do not surpass the current limit of that channel. The motor controller comes with bullet connectors so that you can solder them onto the wires of your motor or build a harness to supply power to multiple motors.

Safety Features:

  • Reverse Voltage Protection 
  • Current Limit Protection 
  • Short Circuit Protection 
  • Over-Temp Protection 
  • BEC Reverse Voltage Protection 
  • BEC Current Limit Protection 
  • BEC Short Circuit Protection 
  • BEC Over-Temp Protection



Weight 106g (without additional bullet connectors & heat shrink)
Compatible Motor Type Bidirectional
Motor Channels 2
PWM Range 1000 – 2000µs
Voltage Range 7 – 30V
Continuous Current per Channel 80A
Burst Current per Channel 200A
BEC Voltage 6.4V
BEC Continuous Current 8A
BEC Burst Current 12A
Power Connector XT90
Motor Connectors Female 6mm Bullet
Signal Connector 0.1” Pitch Male Header (TJC8)
Signal Voltage 3.3V/5V

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