32 Pitch, 32 Tooth (.250" Bore) Bevel Gear

SKU: Build System: Actobotics

DISCONTINUED This product has been discontinued.

Consider These Alternatives:

While we do not offer direct replacements for the 16 and 32T bevel gears, these gears create a 1:1 ratio between two 24T gears and occupy a similar amount of space.

MOD 0.8 Miter Gears


2317 Series
Steel Miter Gears
(MOD 0.8 )

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This 32 tooth, 32 pitch, ¼” bore bevel gear is intended to mount on a ¼” round or D-profile shaft and mate with a 16 tooth bevel gear to create a compact 2:1 ratio at a right angle.

The set screw requires a 3/32” Hex Key (sold separately).



# of teeth 32T
Material hardened brass
Weight 0.53 oz (15g)

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