3503 Series Lead Screw Nut for Open goRAIL (8mm Lead, 4 Start, 38mm Length)

SKU: Build System: goBILDA

The unique shape of this lead screw nut allows it to index with the bore of Open goRAIL to create a linear drive with all kinds of possibilities. The 8mm lead screw bore is 19mm long for excellent durability in high stress applications. The remaining 19mm bore is clearanced so the lead screw can pass through without creating unnecessary friction. The threaded holes on the ends can be used to attach smaller components such as a limit switch contact. The five threaded holes on the top of the nut provide a plethora of mounting options. Also take note of the recesses on the sides for magnets!



Weight 40g
Material Bronze
Pitch 2mm
# Starts 4
Lead Diameter 8mm

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